I study consumer behavior and consumer psychology with a focus on consumers’ judgment and decision–making process in a dynamic social context. My work has been published in leading academic journals including Psychological Science, Journal of Consumer Research, and Journal of Consumer Psychology, and featured in popular media including The Economist, Science Magazine, Daily Mail, and Psychology Today. 


The current theme of my research is interpersonal decision-making, with a focus on gift giving, charitable decisions, and other-oriented choices. I'm particularly interested in understanding how consumers resolve the tension between self-interest and prosociality. 


Since I joined the National University of Singapore in 2016, I’ve enjoyed collaborating with local organizations to conduct field experiments and teaching consumer behavior to undergraduate students. One of my field experiments in Singapore increased blood donations using a novel intervention method. 


Besides research, I love a good wine, a bad pun, playing badminton, squash, and running with friends.